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What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!



Born in Spain, I grew up in Peru and have been living and raising my family in different countries around the world for the past 20 years. We have been living in Switzerland (for the second time!) since 2017.  


I trained as a yoga teacher in Boston, earning my 200-hour certification in 2011, and my 500-hour advanced studies certification in 2014.  I have also trained in Yin Yoga and Ayurveda. More recently, I have been studying with Angela Farmer, exploring a more intuitive yoga path. I also completed the Yoga to Accompany the Feminine Cycles course in 2018.


I have been teaching yoga since 2012, and now teach Slow Flow yoga and Prenatal yoga in Basel and on retreats abroad.


I am the mother of Fernanda (Switzerland, 2002) and Andrés (Italy, 2005). My own pregnancies and births, as well as my personal yoga practice, brought me to the Doula path, and I was certified as a Doula in 2019 after training with Malea Lin in Switzerland. I have completed pre- and post-natal yoga trainings, and have also attended two Spinning Babies workshops, and I incorporate and teach these techniques in my classes.


Prenatal yoga is a unique practice, allowing you to mindfully connect to your baby and to marvel at the powers of your own mama-body. It will help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy through sequences built specifically for second- and third-trimester accompanied by conscious breathing. More importantly, prenatal yoga will bring you back from the stress and noise of daily life (maybe you have a high-pressure office job, or you have one or two other little ones at home ...or both!) to a space where you can connect with the wonder of creating and sustaining a new life within. This is the space to build strength and flexibility, to recover energy and also to relax and truly rest… Postpartum yoga, where you share the practice with your baby, will help you gradually recover the muscular tone of your pelvic floor as well as your flexibility and strength, and will give you tools to connect with your little one and to manage the tiredness typical of the first months with a baby.


I believe that having an international background and the personal experience of birthing in countries other than my own make me uniquely equipped to support women from all over the world as they live through this special time, especially women who are giving birth away from their original “tribe”.  Every woman can be supported to live her pregnancy, birth and baby’s first year as a gift, a unique time to connect to her body, her power and her family.

As a complement to the personal exploration and healing potential of yoga and to my work around pregnancy and childbirth, I also accompany women of all ages, regardless of whether they are mothers or not, of whether they have a womb or not, in the deep understanding of their essential cyclical nature, in the discovery of their unique expression, their creative energy and their natural female spirituality.  Thus I trained as a Moon Mother with Miranda Gray, incorporating the Womb Blessing and Womb Healing as beautiful tools for working with women individually and through circles.


Beyond my yoga and doula training, I also have a Bachelor’s in Anthropology, a Master’s in Public Policy and significant work experience in Global Health. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and some German and Turkish.


My passions are cultivating friendships and treasuring them beyond time and distance, sharing yoga with others- especially beginners, running, cooking and tasting foods from around the world, traveling, reading, women’s and family health, volunteering, and swimming in the ocean.

I invite you to try one of my classes. The first one is my treat!


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