Please join me in the following highlighted events that I will either host or participate in. I invite you to click on the yellow button below associated with each event for more detailed information on my Yoga and Doula offerings along with additional events, services and classes.


Yoga in the Sacred Valley

and Machu Picchu 

Come with me to my native Peru and visit one of the seven wonders of the world! 


Combining yoga in a flower-filled retreat center in the Sacred Valley with unforgettable adventures and experiences, this trip has it all...  The food is local and organic. The views, breathtaking. The retreat center, gorgeous. The Machu Picchu hike, epic.


You will have two teachers, Chanel Luck and myself, plus a tour guide who loves yoga & knows Peru like the back of his hand. Send me a message for more details!

Date: MAY 2022

Location: Cusco, Peru

Contact: lara@laramgomez


Women's Circle

Women's Circle
Living a Cyclical Life

Do you want to

  • ​know what it means to live life from a woman’s body? what are its gifts and challenges?

  • learn more about the cycles and rhythms that rule our lives from maidenhood into our Wise Woman years?

  • bring your wisdom and experience to the circle, joining other women for a lunar cycle of learning, reflection, movement, sharing, meditation and more

The Women's Circle

is currently being offered in


for January-February 2022

If you are interested to join the


offering of this Women's Circle

please email me at

so I can let you know

about the 2022 dates


Closing of the Bones


While most commonly offered to mothers after birth, this is a ritual that creates space for stillness and allows the receiver to physically and emotionally close a life chapter. It can also be given after a separation, mourning, career change or change of residence, or whenever the need is felt to acknowledge a transition.

The Closing of the Bones or "Cerrada" is an ancestral practice received from traditional midwives in Mexico and Guatemala

It is a beautiful way to acknowledge the mother and support her recovery after childbirth, celebrating with gratitude the wonderful abilities of her body. The ceremony usually takes place 40 days after the birth. For a mother, it brings the circle of pregnancy and birth to a close, allowing the mother to physically and emotionally come back to her own body.

Price: 150 CHF

Contact: lara@laramgomez