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My yoga style is informed by the flow of Prana Vinyasa and the structure of Hatha Yoga, the two main sources of my training, but it’s also influenced by my more recent studies with Angela Farmer, exploring an intuitive yoga approach that inspires students to explore and find their unique expression and experience.  These influences and styles find their way into my Slow Flow and prenatal classes.

Slow Flow group yoga classes are suitable for all, including complete newcomers to the practice. There will always be space to find a modification or a prop if you need it, and the pace is not fast. My focus is not in whether you can get your body into a given shape, but rather on helping you release and soften to find space within your body, so you can find your own expression of the pose. If you have a specific issue or injury, please talk to me before coming to class so together we can decide on what’s best and safest for you at this point.


Prenatal classes are taught in a small-group setting, to allow for personalized attention and the use of plenty of props and pillows! Blending breathwork, dynamic movement and relaxation poses, we will address and alleviate common pregnancy complaints, and develop the stamina and flexibility necessary for the best possible labor and delivery.




75 min group classes for all levels, held weekly in beautiful studios in Reinach and Therwil (see schedule below) during the school year.


Price:  25 CHF per class | 225 CHF per 10-class card 

Location: Reinach/ Therwil



I am happy to book private classes depending on availability. Together we will decide on the time and place. If there are specific issues to be addressed, we will talk about these beforehand so classes can be tailored to your needs.


Price: 65 CHF per hour (Muttenz/Therwil) | 85 CHF per hour (at your home)


Prenatal classes currently offered privately. Please contact me for details


Price:  65 CHF per each private class at my location, 85 CHF at your location

Location: in Therwil, in Muttenz or privately at your home.






Class: Candlelight Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Time: 19:00-20:15

Location: Leimgruberhaus, Schulgasse 1. Reinach



Class: Slow Flow (IN SPANISH)

Time: 08:45-10:00

Location: Leimgruberhaus, Schulgasse 1. Reinach


Class: Slow Flow (ENGLISH)

Time: 8:45am - 10:00am

Location: Ebnetstrasse 6, Therwil




Five times a year, thousands of women around the world connect with each other. They connect to walk a path of feminine healing and a return to their authentic forgotten femininity through the Worldwide Womb Blessing® meditation. -Miranda Gray


The womb is the center of our feminine energies, so the womb blessing seeks to have all women heal and live empowered, harmonious, joyful and loving feminine lives. This harmonization restores our natural purity and beauty, our abundance and love, creativity and magic, as well as our wisdom and strength. It frees us from the past, from our narrow perspectives, from our guilt and from our wounds, and releases the joy that comes from the soul, as well as the expression of women's power and beauty. It is a wonderful blessing and restoration of light to women's souls in a difficult male-oriented world.

Each WWB date has a specific focus for healing and awakening different aspects of your feminine energies. If you are interested in participating in a women's circle to share the guided World Wide Womb Blessing, or if you are interested in a personal Womb Blessing or a personal Womb Healing, please email me and you will receive the details of each date.

Dates 2021 : 20 October / 19 December 

Contact: lara@laramgomez

Website: More information about Miranda Gray and the Worldwide Womb Blessing®" at




When I decided to do prenatal yoga I found a course a block away from my house, but the trial class did not go as I expected. I really wanted someone who understood what I was going to go through, but that class didn't give me any confidence. I was crushed, the teacher was so simple that something was missing.


From our first contact, I felt very good energy coming from you, such a human and warm person. I was very excited to have our first class and it was really wonderful, truly peaceful and welcoming for me and my baby in my belly.


Lara, thank you so much for the classes, for listening to me, for all the advice, for the kindness, for all the support and encouragement you gave me and my family. Your classes were invaluable in making my birth the way I dreamed it would be (without any intervention!!). You were present in my heart on that special day, I remembered every position learned in class, every word we exchanged and even the music you shared that connected me to my daughter! Thank you Lara!

-Pamela, Antonella's mother


Lara is my yoga teacher and I love taking her classes because every class is different. She slowly builds up the exercises and at the end it is a flow. Her classes are stimulating, challenging in a great way. I enjoy every minute.


It's simple, do not hesitate.  Lara is an amazing, patient, inspirational yoga instructor. I cannot recommend her more highly.


I have had yoga lessons with Lara for almost 2 years and of all the teachers I have seen before Lara is the most sincere. Her way of teaching is holistic and she is able to explain and transmit every exercise with the right purposes. Honestly, every lesson I visited has made me feel better, both physically and mentally and that's what a good yoga session is about.


I began yoga about one year ago as a complete beginner and could not have asked for a better instructor than Lara. There are several yoga classes closer to where I live but I travel to Lara's because I find the atmosphere of her classes much better! Her classes and explanations are put together very thoughtfully and I find her slow-flow style perfect for someone like me who had been nervous about joining classes elsewhere with more advanced students. My body and mind always feels well worked and more relaxed after a practice. It's like a midweek reset! She makes a great effort to ensure that we understand how to do each movement properly, why it's important and how it fits into the focus for the class. She has a gift for making people feel comfortable and giving us the confidence to push ourselves. Looking forward to many more classes!


Your yoga lesson was wonderful, it’s difficult to find someone who teaches yoga and does it with her whole self, with attention and where the sequence of the exercises stays in the flow and is harmonious. You do that. I think often of the moments you have gifted us with, and I am happy.



I had the pleasure to have Lara both as my prenatal yoga instructor and doula. It was really nice for me to take the time to exercise and connect with my baby from the very beginning with Lara as my guide. We recently came to Basel from Argentina, and even though we had two other children,  having a child in a foreign country, felt like a challenge. It was soothing to have a familiar face to turn to, somebody that held our hand through the whole process.

-Rafaela, mother of three

I met Lara at the right moment! 5 months along, when I was starting to feel anxious and uncertainties appeared. She helped me find my center, the inner peace I needed to focus on myself and my baby. These were marvelous months by her side. Every class was a magical time, where beyond working on my body I connected to my baby. Excellent yoga teacher and doula. Very well-trained and up-to-date, but more than that, she has a great heart and inner light. Lara has prepared my body to have a wonderful birth. The exercises we practiced in class are ideal for preparing my pelvis and breath for labor and birth. Thank you Lara for opening your heart and give your soul into what you do.

-Sol, 2nd time mama​​



Here is where I collect references to books and readings that I find helpful and/or enlightening. I am including resources in both English and in Spanish. I will be adding to this section periodically, and I’m happy to hear your thoughts if you read some of these!




Gratitude arises from paying attention, from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us. Gratitude is not necessarily something that is shown after the event, it is the deep, a priori state of attention that shows we understand and are equal to the gifted nature of life.” 

- David Whyte


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